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A small developing child that struggles with hunger is usually small for their age, lethargic, disruptive and not capable of paying attention in the classroom. Fact is, a hungry child is not teachable.

To empower a child from a poor community with an education opportunity, takes more than just an education. We believe it is the combination of a meal and the availability of an education is the key to giving a child the fair chance to rise above their circumstance.

Living from meal to meal is a reality for many poor South African families and often the children go without having their most basic needs met. The school is attended by almost a thousand learners of which 70% are in need of support.

Currently we supply for 300 children every school day.


Our 5 soup kitchens in the Casablanca and Serkor Park area (Helderberg, Western Cape) reach up to 300 Pre-primary and Primary school children twice a week.

The unemployment rate of the South African population is currently 26%, but that percentage is highly concentrated in our poor communities. The children from these areas have no means of feeding themselves and often go without or divert to begging.

We believe that the soup kitchens offer more than just hunger relief. They offer the children a consistent and reliable infrastructure in their immediate environment. Hungry children are vulnerable and the soup kitchens offer a far more dignified means of getting something to eat than begging or going without.

Hunger relief to developing children is offering an opportunity to develop normally under harsh circumstances and ideally this support will enable them to release their potential in the future.


Every Wednesday the Dutch Reformed church in Gordons Bay opens its hall to give the homeless an opportunity to worship. In this environment Organisation TurnAround identifies the homeless and connects with them. The goal is to identify their needs and try and assist them. Ultimately get them reintegrated into society. The services offered is assistance with lost documentation, referrals to drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs, Reintegration programs (counselling, social and moral upliftment programs), reunite and connect families.

We assist with:

  • • Lost documentation;
  • • Referrals to Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres;
  • • Reintegration programs (counselling, social and moral upliftment programs)
  • • Reunite and connect families;


We support between 20 -30 Elderly people at an old age home in Strand with basic toiletries and supplies every second month.

Once they have paid for their boarding they have no funds left to buy their basic toiletries.


Social and spiritual enrichment program, prayer groups, teaching handcrafts, sharing a meal and networking every second week.


Pre-primary school that offer Grade R, serving roughly 80 children from the Casablanca and Serkor Park Area

They receive meals at the centre every day and also medical and emotional treatment and therapy. The Word of God is taught to these children as part of the program that is presented at the school.


Carel and Annetjie Le Roux work as missionaries in Madagascar in partnership with Africa Inland Mission. Their aim is to reach the unreached groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ by evangelizing, training church leaders and empowering indigenous missionaries.

Since returning to South Africa in 2009 they go back annually to work with pastor Jonoro, who share the same vision. In 2015 they were invited to work with Rosina Ferdinand in Nosy Be to train and encourage the new Sakalava believers.


Our mission is to win the children of Southern Africa for Christ and nurture them to spiritual maturity through the use of a Christ-centred Bible Study curriculum. We work in 11 countries, including Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Through many partnerships with ministries and churches we disciple more than 300 000 children every year using our Bible Study Curriculum.