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Shoe drive

Christmas Shoe Project Feedback

Every child in Temperance Town Primary School gets a pair of white takkies!

The reality for many children from poor communities is that they have to walk really far to get to and from school every day, very often barefoot. It is so sad to know that many of these children don’t own one decent pair of shoes, and many of them have never owned a pair of new shoes.

The shoe project was initiated by a donor who wanted her donation to go towards shoes for children from disadvantaged areas. It took another two donors (who also prefer to remain anonymous) and who felt equally passionate about the Christmas Shoe project to pull it together BUT, we did it! On the last day of school each child form Temperance Town Primary school got a pair of shoes.

As you can imagine it wasn’t an easy job to get close to 1000 children’s shoes sizes but it made it so worth it to see the pure excitement, broad smiles, pride and joy from the children when they received their shoes and the genuine gratitude expressed from the teachers and school staff who understand the impact and need of their children.

The bonus is that the takkie can be used for private and school wear.

THANK YOU to everyone who enabled the OUTREACH to make this possible!